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LIFECODE GX London Nutritionist and Nutritional Therapist
LIFECODE GX London Nutritionist and Nutritional Therapist


Nutrigenomic Nutrition Testing

Collaborate with your genes to personalise your nutrition and achieve optimal health -  now and in the future.

Let’s explore how your lifestyle, diet and genes are working together to find opportunities for a happier, healthier you.

Nutrigenomics helps you to understand your genetic variations to focus on the best diet and lifestyle choices for your needs.

What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is the field of study that examines how our diet can influence our genes.


Although our genetic code remains unchanged, the way our genes are expressed, whether they are activated or deactivated, can be influenced by the food we consume and our lifestyle.


By shedding light on various areas of health, the power is being handed over to you to make a positive impact on your health and help protect it.

Nutrigenomic Testing London

With a single saliva test taken at home, you can obtain detailed information about your genetic variations.

What is Nutrigenomic Testing | Nutrigenomic Testing London

Who is Nutrigenomics testing for?

Nutrigenomics DNA test is suitable for somebody seeking answers to unexplained symptoms or curious about genetic influences in areas of health such as mood and psychiatric disorders.


This may include anxiety, depression and addictive behaviours, restlessness,  poor mental function, hormonal health such as infertility, PCOS, PMS, autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue, insomnia, low-stress tolerance, skin-related issues such as acne and rashes, thyroid conditions, appetite control, or specific vitamin needs.

Nutrigenomics reports

I am proud to be an experienced associate practitioner for Lifecode GX.


Please contact me for more information or to access support for any of the following products:

+  Nutrient Core Report

 Metabolics Report

 Methylation Report

 Detoxification Report

 Nervous System Report

 Hormones Report

+  Histamine Intolerance Report

 Thyroid Balance Report

 Oestrogen Balance Report

Lifecode Gx_London Nutrigenomic Testing
An Apple a Day Nutrition - London Nutritionist providing Nutrigenomic Testing & Interpretation
Nutrient Core Report

Discover how genes impact: food response - gluten (coeliac disease), lactose (found in dairy), and caffeine; microbiome diversity; nutrient need - vitamin A (beta-carotene & retinol), folate (B9), vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, and glutathione; metabolism - blood sugar control (insulin), appetite (leptin), inflammation and omega-3 fatty acids; and circadian rhythm - early bird or night owl predisposition.

Metabolics Report

Metabolism describes the chemical reactions in the body involved in nutrient assimilation, utilisation - fat / sugar burning or storing - and removal. Presenting 6 interconnected pathways: appetite regulation, nutrient sensing, sugar metabolism, fat metabolism, cholesterol and bile, and mitochondria and inflammation. To help manage your personal risk of diabetes, chronic fatigue, weight gain, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative conditions and optimise health span and longevity.

Methylation Report

Methylation is critical to keeping your body and brain biochemistry in balance. Common genetic variants (SNPs) can impact methylation and increase susceptibility to systemic imbalances and chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, sub-fertility, mood swings, depression, dementia, fatigue, autoimmune disease, allergies and premature ageing.

Detoxification Report

Genetic variants (SNPs) can impact phase 1, 2 and 3 detoxification pathways and contribute to symptoms such as headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, allergies, skin disorders, weight gain, bloating, acid reflux and heartburn, excessive sweating, chronic infections, sub-fertility, decreased libido, poor mental function and lower stress tolerance.

Nervous System Report

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that enable communication within and between neurons in the mind and body. Symptoms of neurotransmitter imbalance can include: mood imbalances, depression, mania, attention deficit and obsessive compulsive disorders, addictive behaviours, motor control disruption, anger, aggression and restlessness. 

Hormones Report

Steroid hormones are a group of hormones derived from cholesterol and act as chemical messengers in the body. They are involved in the regulation of many physiological processes in men and women, such as the function of the reproductive system, metabolism, inflammation and immune system. This test analyses genes involved in the synthesis, signalling, transport and metabolism of corticosteroids and sex steroids hormones.

Histamine Intolerance Report

Histamine intolerance is a toxic response by the body resulting from an imbalance between accumulated histamine and the capacity to break it down. Symptoms of histamine toxicity may mimic an allergic reaction including skin irritation, gastro-intestinal upset, respiratory distress, headaches, insomnia and anxiety.

Thyroid Report

The thyroid is an endocrine gland in the neck that produces triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). Thyroid hormones control the metabolism of almost every cell, with wide-ranging metabolic, developmental and cardiovascular effects. This report analyses genes involved in the thyroid hormone lifecycle: synthesis, activation, transport and metabolism. It also examines genes that confer susceptibility to inflammation and autoimmunity.

Oestrogen Balance Report

Oestrogen and androgen imbalances can contribute to sub-fertility, PCOS, endometriosis, menstrual irregularities, excess facial hair (women) or breast tissue (men), osteoporosis, cardio-vascular disease, blood clots, acne, sexual disfunction, mood swings, poor memory, weight gain and hormone sensitive cancers.

London Nutrigenomic Testing


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